Mesa Verde (Part II) – Mystical Gem of Great Visuals

Mesa Verde (Part II) – Mystical Gem of Great Visuals

It was not the first time it happened. Our initial plan for Colorado was clear – we were going to drive 2,300 km to photograph spectacular Colorado fall colours. As always, we had a few other objectives and places that we would go to if we had enough time. Certainly, Mesa Verde was not our [...]

Barkerville – the Centre of the Cariboo Gold Rush

It wasn’t a picnic by any means. The miners usually lived in small tents or rough cabins, had to face severe winters (or get out of town), uncomfortable summers and a poor diet, which usually consisted of beans and bacon. That’s not all. Extremely hard labour, avalanches, frequent floods and numerous accidents shortened the average [...]

Shaniko – declared the wool capital of the world in 1900, Shaniko is now nearly a ghost town

Most travellers aim for the beautiful Oregon coast. After all, what could you see in inland Oregon?We thought the same way until on one of our trips we decided to take Route 97 instead of the more efficient but utterly boring Highway 5. Driving from the south we encountered the small but fascinating town of [...]