Back to the Future – from the X100F to X100

Back to the Future – from the X100F to X100


In recent posts we shared our thoughts and imagery shot exclusively with the brand new X100F. There is no question that the X100F is a major update to the last iteration, the X100T. In fact, we like the X100F so much we ordered the camera for ourselves.

When working on our review of the X100F (you can read it here) we had a chance to shoot all previous generations of this camera. It was just at that point, when I was holding the original X100 in my hands, that I got sentimental. Looking back I realized that  the original X100 was a truly revolutionary product for so many reasons.

It was not a DeLorean but it was the camera that started the X-series line and put Fujifilm back on the serious, digital photography map. The fusion of classic design, manual controls, a brand new hybrid viewfinder, totally silent shutter, small size and superb image quality made this camera a classic. The X100 became such a success that it was almost impossible to get one the first year after release.

Was it a perfect camera? Of course not. Along with new, fresh and exciting aspects, the original X100 was slow, buggy and frustrating at times. The subsequent firmware updates solved many of the problems and the next iterations of the X100-line further polished the product.

Over the years, the X100-line (S/T/F) has become THE camera for many photographers, including me. I don’t leave home without it and there is no other camera that gives me so much freedom, joy and satisfaction. If I had to own just one camera – the X100T/F would be the one. There is no question that the latest X100F offers the majority of photographers a tool that goes well beyond what they need in terms of speed, functionality and, above all, image quality.   

That said, I still come across some comments online saying that even the latest X100-line cameras are slow, the focus is not on a par with “I want to shoot a hummingbird racing a Formula 1 car” type of nonsense. There is always “this one thing” that prevents some people from shooting and enjoying great visuals. It is always the camera’s fault.

Well, given my pernickety personality, I decided to take the original X100 out and stroll the streets. On top of my twisted rationale to do just that, I felt the need to reconnect with the X100 – as some sort of accolade to the camera that has changed so much for so many people.   

Of course, going back to the X100 after years of shooting with newer X-series cameras was not an easy task, especially with a totally different layout and menu. My fingers had to remember their old habits. Another problem was that my two favourite Fujifilm simulations for street photography, Classic Chrome (CC) and Acros (A), are not available for the original X100. Did I mention that I had only one battery available for this particular shoot?

Despite these “inconveniences” I decided to venture out on the streets of Vancouver with the X100. Here are the results (all images straight-out-of-the-camera JPEGs, Astia (S).














What is your point, Olaf? Sounds pretty heavy!

Stop worrying about your cameras, software, autofocus, etc.,– just go out and shoot. Remember it is 95% your seeing and 5% your gear (I am being generous here). Even with a six-year-old camera, you can create some great imagery! So to all students of photography, new and aspiring photographers, here’s a message from the past: stop wasting your money on expensive SLRs and backpacks of useless lenses! Buy a used X100/S/T and learn photography the right way.* There are lots of starry-eyed people (including me) who are now selling truly great cameras because they need the money for the latest model. It’s too bad they don’t know that “the latest” won’t make them better photographers!

Rant Over! Go out and shoot!          


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