A Don Quixote Photographer

This week Fujirumors dropped a bomb – Fujifilm is preparing an FF camera – most likely the successor to the X-Pro1. It didn’t take long for the Internet to go berserk. Immediately two opposing camps emerged. Some people reacted with outrage using words like “cheated” or “abandoned” as if the release of an FF Fuji camera somehow posed a threat to their photographic wellbeing. Others embraced the news, put their current cameras back into their boxes and started to prepare for the new arrival.

We admit this mass hypnosis affected us as well. After all, we do like the Fuji philosophy and their cameras; we use them every single day for our personal and professional work. We enjoy reading about them (here and here). We are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of APS-C and Full Frame cameras. Would we want to try a Full Frame camera from Fuji? Of course!

However, we must keep things in perspective. The occasional Internet hysteria around any camera release and us photographers’ role in it, reminds me of a famous novel, “Tilting at Windmills” by Cervantes. Like Don Quixote, who got himself embroiled in pointless endeavours, many photographers embroil themselves in imaginary battles. Instead of embracing their current tools and putting them to work to create stunning imagery, they indulge in a litany of false suppositions such as “If I only had this camera, I would take much better photos” or “If I had an FF I could…” Unfortunately, those internal struggles take away from your creativity. They could bite you so hard that you forget what this journey is all about. I know it from my own experience.  

The truth is, there will be always another camera around the corner. If this frenzy gets hold of you, however, today’s opportunity to grab your camera and find this one magic stream of light, to make a composition of your lifetime, to create a stunning photograph will be gone forever. Each time I am excited about an upcoming camera, I just grab the tool I have, go outside and let my mind and eyes wander. After all, this may well be the day to create a perfect image.

The right time to deal with a new camera will come later, Full Frame or Not.


And here is the imagery we just captured with the Fuji X-T1, XF 14mm F2.8 & 56mm F1.2.














… and some B&Ws




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