Summary of 2013 and Top 10 images of the year

While heading to the ballroom on New Year’s Eve, we photographers had a lot of reasons to celebrate: 2013 was a year when many people rediscovered their passion for photography. After years of megapixel wars and an SLR monopoly, last year brought us new tools, which helped to redirect our senses toward image creation and [...]

Life on the Streets of Senegal (photo essays with Fuji X-E1)

From early in the morning until late at night, the streets of Senegal are buzzing with life. At daybreak merchants set up their stands along all major roads, businesses open their doors, people rush to work and kids (the lucky ones) go to school. Not all children have the privilege of going to school. In [...]

How It All Came About (photo essays with Fuji X-E1)

It all started with Madeleine. Almost seven years ago, after a series of very unfortunate events, my husband, Olaf was in dire need of a kidney. When all hopes of finding a donor in our family were exhausted, Madeleine, a complete stranger at the time, made an unbelievable commitment to give Olaf one of her [...]

One Woman’s Incredible Journey to Africa (photo essays with Fuji X-E1)

Very often I find women’s approach to photography much better than men’s. Men view cameras as toys. We cherish cameras; we talk about them and even argue about them. Unfortunately this technical approach often keeps us away from what is really important in photography. Immediately after my wife, Kasia, took our Fuji X100 into her [...]