In Paris With Ibarionex

As this year’s Photokina winds down with all its gear-related excitement, we can refocus on seeing. Two weeks ago, I was leading the Visual Poet Experience Workshop in Paris and I cannot emphasize how amazing this event was. Not only did we have a super talented group of photographers from all around the world but we also had a special guest. Ibarionex Perello was in Paris at the same time and he was kind enough to pay us a visit and chat about photography. But that’s not all.

Ibarionex and I decided to shoot together for a few hours and it proved to be a remarkable experience. Shooting street photography with someone who cares so deeply about the craft of seeing was one of the highlights of my Paris adventure. During our time together, we discussed Ibarionex’s new book, “Making Photographs: Developing A Personal Visual Workflow.” I am currently reading the book and I will write my thoughts as soon as I finish. In short, it is a no-brainer to read this book for anyone who cares about the craft of seeing and improving their photography. Highly recommended!


Today, I would like to leave you with some imagery from Paris shot with the X100F and the GFX50S and our brand-new video!


The next Visual Poet Experience Workshop takes place in San Francisco, November 9-11. I think there are two spots left so make sure to reserve them before they are gone.




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7 thoughts on “In Paris With Ibarionex

  1. It’s time to give your videographer, and I’m assuming it’s Kasia, some credit. The scene is always delineated, the photographer’s place in the scene is shown and then the cut is made to the still that was captured. Here, with two photographers and their interaction added to the mix, the video still flows freely and the result is a well-told story of a fine and productive time had by two photographers in Paris.

    Well done, videographer K.!

    1. Dear Bob,

      When I showed Kasia your note, she was so happy and grateful. Thank you so much for giving Kasia well deserved credit. Looking forward to seeing you person in about six weeks. We cannot wait!!

      Hugs to Elaine,


  2. Love the headline image (but Olaf’s Sagrada Família was even better…), the seventh and 8th. It’s like fresh air again seeing you and Ibarionex, what a stunning picture he took!

    Curiosity: what lenses did you shoot with?

    Warm regards


    1. Hello Robert,

      Thank you for your kind note. I was shooting with the GF 45mm lines (roughly 35mm equivalent in FF) and Ibarionex was working with the 28mm focal length.

      Warm Regards,


  3. I really like watching the video of you and Ibarionex. It is great to see how you work in the streets. Will you be doing a new episode on the Candid Frame? It is far and away the best photography podcast I think.

    1. Jeff,

      Thank you so much for your kind note. I agree with you that the Candid Frame is the best podcast in the world – no question about it. Regarding any new episode with my participation – I don’t think Ibarionex would make the same mistake twice 🙂

      All the best,


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